WSUS MMC Crash Due To XML Invalid Character!

So today as I was checking on the update status of all the windows computers the WSUS MMC Console would throw the following error (System.Xml.XmlException — ‘’, hexadecimal value 0x16, is an invalid character). Upon googling this issue I came across a technet article which contained a solution and some improvements on the first provided …

Open Maintenance – Docker & CentOS 7

It seems docker and containers are becoming the new default standard for simple, rapid and consistent deployment. I was asked to deploy out open maintenance recently at work and decided to look into the simplest options to deploy it out. I reviewed the open maintenance website and didn’t see any ready made ova images or a …

Powershell script to create user home directory and DFS namespace target

Creating a new users home directory and corresponding DFS namespace target. The script can also force all domain controllers to fully sync up in case you have multiple sites. Sync is enabled by default, however it can be disabled. This powershell script does require WinRM to be enabled for sync to work. You need to …

Graylog format AccessList For Windows file events

I setup Graylog to collect all the windows event logs including file event logs on the file servers at work. I noticed that the winlogbeat_event_data_AccessList field was not what the event did rather a %%#### code. I decided to build a pipeline to format the winlogbeat_event_data_AccessList field into a new field I designated as AccessList.

PowerShell exporting data easily from MSSQL into a CSV

PowerShell has a module to assist with this, you can find out all the specifics at I was asked to pull data and export it to a CSV to save time, which is easy to do with Task Scheduler and PowerShell.