Open Maintenance – Docker & CentOS 7

It seems docker and containers are becoming the new default standard for simple, rapid and consistent deployment. I was asked to deploy out open maintenance recently at work and decided to look into the simplest options to deploy it out. I reviewed the open maintenance website and didn’t see any ready made ova images or a simple up to date guide on getting it up and running quickly which lead me to google. I first tried openmaint vm as a search term which lead me to only one result which seemed creditable bitnami which has yet to create an ova or deployment package for it. I then decided to see if someone put together a docker container for it which they did link here. I then decided to see if VMWare can run containers directly, it can but we run 5.5 internally which doesn’t support that feature. I then decided to setup a CentOS box to run the Docker container in our ESXI environment that way. 

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